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Sport Massage

Remedial Sports massage (advanced massage) is the last phase of massage before physiotherapy.  This is a deep thorough massage aimed at specific muscles – taking into account the lifestyle, sport, occupation and posture of the client.

The immediate area of pain is addressed as well as the muscles which are the root cause of the problem, which is done by calling on my knowledge and experience of functional muscloskeletal anatomy.

Apart from the classical massage strokes, I also use a variety of advanced techniques such as soft tissue release, muscle energy technique (contract/relax stretching), neuromuscular therapy are used.

These techniques are brilliant for athletes as they will eliminate problems in the muscular system but more importantly, they will prevent injury from occurring and enhance their performance in sport. The techniques are not exclusively for athletes, they can be used on anyone.

The essence of sports massage is to correct postural imbalances, ensure correct muscle function, formulate treatment plans unique to the individual client and prevent possible future injuries or problems.